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Troubled by alcohol? If alcohol is causing problems in your life or the life of a loved one, a bespoke Personal Intervention by Edward Rowan in the privacy of your own home can give you hope and provide a lasting solution.

No one understands the loneliness and misery of the problem drinker – other than someone who has been there, experienced the isolation and suffering, tackled the problem and found a lasting, comfortable solution.

I understand and I can help!

An ex-problem drinker, I have been sober for more than 26 years and have assisted a large number of fellow sufferers to overcome their alcohol problems and rebuild their lives.
From my own recovery experiences and those of hundreds of other ex-problem drinkers, I have developed Personal Interventions – a unique service for those who want to be free from the ravages of alcohol but who don’t want to be committed to the stigma and considerable expense of a long period in a clinic.

Personal Interventions are for men and women who want to get well as quickly as possible – while carrying-on as normal a life as possible, and I know from my own, past battle with alcohol that it’s not just the drinker who suffers – family, friends, colleagues and employers can all pay the dreadful price of problem drinking.

There is a way out – and I can help you achieve it.

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