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Admit it ……you’re frightened

Fear is seeping into the very heart of our community. It comes disguised as anxiety, worry, depression, concern, projection about the future, low self-esteem, panic, shyness, social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, jealousy, phobias or mental trauma. This list could go on.

And its hardly surprising when we realise that we are bombarded 24/7 (by the Internet, television, mobile phones and social media) with negativity, global bad news and marketing that implies we are not ‘good enough’ –  unless of course we buy this or that product or holiday…and to which truly deserving television charity appeal shall I give £3 a month? It’s exhausting and completely demotivating. Do you know anyone who is truly happy and content with their life.

Are you?

But do we ever acknowledge that many of us live our lives in fear. Will I keep my job, will I have enough money, will I get that promotion, will I pass that exam, am I too ugly, why I am I so shy, will I ever find someone who truly understands me, will my relationship last, will I catch a killer virus, will my pension pot be enough, I’m being bullied, what about the ever-rising cost of living, climate change and on and on???

All this leads to a nagging inner restlessness and discontent  –  you know what I mean.

But, if you don’t believe me, next time you are disturbed by your life situation, simply ask yourself

“What am I frightened of?”

You might be surprised at the answer!